Motorway Police MCQs

Written tests of National Highways and Motorway Police jobs will start from 22-06-2024.
Motorway Police recently announced Syllabus for preparation. MOTORWAY POLICE ASSISTANT (BS-14), STENOTYPIST (BS-14), UDC Upper Division Clerk (BS-13), Paramedical staff(BS-07), LDC Lower Division Clerk (BS-11), Field Assistant (BS-11), C/JPO Junior Patrol Officer (BS-11), PHOTOGRAPHER (BS-13),  Syllabus and Paper Pattern, sample paper, Past Papers 2024.


Motorway Police jobs Syllabus 2024

Here is the Category wise Mcqs for Motorway Police job.

To prepare for the NHMP test, focus on the following categories:


  • Coverage: Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension
  • Weight: 20% (14 MCQs)
  • Preparation Tips:
    • Review grammar rules and practice sentence correction.
    • Expand your vocabulary with daily reading and flashcards.
    • Practice comprehension by reading passages and answering related questions.

Islamic Studies:

  • Coverage: Key concepts and history of Islam
  • Weight: 20% (14 MCQs)
  • Preparation Tips:
    • Study major events in Islamic history.
    • Understand the pillars of Islam and key religious practices.
    • Review important Islamic personalities and their contributions.

Pakistan Studies:

  • Coverage: History, Geography, and Culture of Pakistan
  • Weight: 20% (14 MCQs)
  • Preparation Tips:
    • Study the history of Pakistan from independence to present.
    • Learn about the geography, provinces, and key cities of Pakistan.
    • Understand the cultural diversity and major events in Pakistan’s history.

General Knowledge:

  • Coverage: Current Affairs, World Facts, and General Science
  • Weight: 20% (14 MCQs)
  • Preparation Tips:
    • Stay updated with current affairs by reading newspapers and watching news.
    • Review general science concepts and important discoveries.
    • Learn about world geography, important international organizations, and global events

Job-Specific Categories:

  1. Motorway Police Assistant (BS-14)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Administrative duties, office management, and knowledge of NHMP operations
  • Preparation Tips: Study office procedures, administrative skills, and NHMP regulations.
  1. Stenotypist (BS-14)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Typing speed and accuracy, shorthand skills, office correspondence
  • Preparation Tips: Practice typing and shorthand regularly, understand office communication formats.
  1. UDC Upper Division Clerk (BS-13)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Record-keeping, filing systems, basic IT skills
  • Preparation Tips: Learn about efficient filing methods, data entry, and basic computer operations.
  1. Paramedical Staff (BS-07)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Medical terminology, first aid procedures, patient care
  • Preparation Tips: Study basic medical concepts, first aid techniques, and patient handling procedures.
  1. LDC Lower Division Clerk (BS-11)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Clerical work, basic accounting, office administration
  • Preparation Tips: Focus on clerical skills, basic accounting principles, and administrative tasks.
  1. Field Assistant (BS-11)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Fieldwork procedures, data collection methods, basic surveying
  • Preparation Tips: Learn about fieldwork techniques, data recording, and survey methods.
  1. C/JPO Junior Patrol Officer (BS-11)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Traffic rules, patrol duties, emergency response
  • Preparation Tips: Study traffic regulations, patrol protocols, and emergency handling procedures.
  1. Photographer (BS-13)
  • Job-Specific Questions: Photography techniques, camera handling, photo editing
  • Preparation Tips: Practice photography skills, learn about different camera settings, and basic photo editing.

Recommended Preparation Steps

  1. Understand the Syllabus: Review the detailed syllabus for each category and job role.
  2. Practice Past Papers: Solve past papers to get an idea of the question formats and difficulty levels.
  3. Study Material: Use relevant books, online resources, and guides tailored for NHMP exam preparation.
  4. Mock Tests: Take online mock tests to assess your preparation and improve time management.

By focusing on these categories and understanding the specific requirements of each position, you can comprehensively prepare for the NHMP job exams and increase your chances of success.



PAPER PATTERN Approximately
Test Marks:70
Interview Marks:30
Total MCQs:70
Total Time90 minutes
Test Type:Objective Type
Paper LanguageEnglish
Negative Markingno

Correct Answer: Written tests of National Highways and Motorway Police jobs will start from 22-06-2024.

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