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Option A: Military actions involving our forces can be instigated by any number of different factors

Option B: Our buildup of weapons systems and combat personnel has prevented our adversaries from increasing their own spending on defense

Option C: The increased defense spending of the past 10 years has lessened the need for significant military expenditure in future decades

Option D: At the present time, state-of-the-art weapons systems and the augmentation of combat personnel are equally important to a nation’s defense

Correct Answer: There are those who claim that reductions in the spending on and deployment of weapons systems would result in a so-called “climate of peace,” thereby diminishing the likelihood of armed conflict. The facts show otherwise. These self-proclaimed pacifists are either the victims or the propagators of a false argument.

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Option A: material

Option B: stories

Option C: support

Option D: problems

Correct Answer: No actual black hole has yet been located or studied, but the concept has provided endless imaginative fodder for science fiction writers and endless theoretical fodder for physicists and astrophysicists.

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